The Building of Yeww: A WebRTC ProjectProject Purpose and Priorities

Posted on September 8, 2016 at 10:31 AM by Lynn Walker

Before launching a development project it is wise to identify the purpose of the project and any considerations that must be given priority.


1) Create a single page application, Yeww, to be hosted at

2) Give along, in the spirit of the open-source community, teaching others how to use these technologies.

3) Provide evidence of my professional skillset on this broad range of popular and leading edge technologies.

4) Chronicle the project’s progress.


Succeed in building a responsive, scalable WebRTC based single page web application for

Success on the project is the highest priority, and must balance the relative significance of all lower priorities.

Minimize costs. Zero, or as near to it as possible.

Make use of free “development” services for hosting, storage and other resources.

Minimize development time.

Make use of other people’s code whenever legally and ethically possible.

Use agile development process to provide daily monitoring of progress. This blog series is my daily scrum meeting in fulfillment of the second through fourth purposes.

Employ a concept I’ve seen mentioned by multiple sources, release a product with a minimum marketable feature.

Utilize storyboarding, version control, continuous integration, automated testing and deployment, code coverage and test report analysis tools to optimize build/project tasks.

Minimize defects.

Use automated testing tools to validate code at each stage of development and integration. Use code coverage and test reporting tools to verify fully successful testing with testing coverage of all code.

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